Features Of Fat Necrosis?

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What are the characteristics of a lump caused by fat necrosis?

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Symptoms of body lumps caused by fat necrosis, vary widely. The lump can be single or appear several in the same area, palpable hard, can be accompanied or without pain, easy to move / difficult to move, and can be accompanied by changes in the skin (retraction / pulling) around the lump.

Fat necrosis occurs due to injury to subcutaneous fat tissue which is often caused by impact, anticoagulant treatment, cyst aspiration therapy and biopsy, reconstructive action and the incidence of infection. It can also be caused by autoimmune conditions.

Discussion of lumps caused by fat necrosis, often occurs in the breast area.

We recommend that if you have a lump on the body, immediately consult a doctor to determine what the cause and diagnosis of the lump. By checking yourself, if the lump requires medical treatment, it can be done immediately so that the hope of healing is greater.

Avoid touching and stimulating the lump too often because it can trigger infection and inflammation in the lump area.

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