Febrile Seizures In Children Aged 15 Months?

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Hello … My child is 15 months old. Just had a seizure. But this is the first time. Maybe about 10 minutes – + Earlier his eyes just glared and did not respond. Already moistened underarm. Advance accomplice etc. thank God for being aware. Midwife syrup has been given. Can repeat seizures again. I fear. Because still the first child and do not know anything. 2. I nurul from tuban. Thank you

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Hello Nurul Zain Nouvelle, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

Seizures occur due to abnormal electrical cell activity in the brain which can be caused by several factors such as brain infections, electrolyte disturbances, epilepsy, or when there is a high fever in children or also called febrile convulsions. Febrile seizure is a condition where the occurrence of seizures due to increased body temperature that occurs in children. In general, these seizures will last only a few minutes and do not recur in 24 hours.

Previously was the child in a fever? Can you still eat and drink well? Is the child's weight still growing?

Mothers should be advised to consult with a pediatrician to find out the cause of the seizure, the doctor will conduct a physical examination directly, assess the child's condition and provide treatment in accordance with the condition of your child. If indeed the seizure is preceded by a fever then the mother can give a fever-lowering medication at a dose that is appropriate to the child's weight every 4-6 hours if it's hot.

Mothers can also pay attention to the following danger signs such as seizures that occur without fever, the child's weight does not increase, the child looks weak, seizures more than 15 minutes or seizures that recur in 24 hours, then you should immediately go to the nearest health facility.

Some things that can be done by mothers among others:

Do not put anything in the child's mouth if a seizure occurs
Position the child in a safe place
Do not hold or force the child to move when a seizure occurs
Loosen tight clothes or clothes
Mothers are also advised to be able to pay attention to the duration and move the child when the seizure

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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