Feeding Babies Aged 9 Months?

good night, i want to ask about my baby In the past, my baby was born with a weight of 2.8, now the age is 9m with a weight of 8kg and 70cm. if according to some articles that I read, it’s normal. between BB and TB d 9 months of age. in good development. eat a lot of breastmilk I always pay attention to the food menu (vegetables, fruit, fish). breast milk is still abundant. my baby is active and smart but parents insist on adding formula milk, they said my baby is too thin compared to friends his age. if the baby’s parents are small (tall thin father, thin little mother). what kind of solution for me? r nthank you in advance.

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Hello Mr. Feri,

To find out whether your child is growing well or not, plot the weight gain on the KMS or the WHO chart. If you just glimpse your story, at this point if your child is a girl or boy, weighing 8 kg and height 70 cm for 9 months is still within normal limits, let alone her birth weight of 2.8 kg. For easy calculations, babies should be 2 times their birth weight at 5 months of age and triple their birth weight at 1 year of age. But to be clearer whether it is good or not, it is necessary to record each month. Graphs that go up indicate good growth, but flat or declining ones need to be watched out and checked.

Babies aged 9 months have their main food from solids, not formula or breast milk anymore. Breast milk can still be given at will the baby, because it is very good nutrition and has other benefits, namely immunity and a sense of comfort for the baby. If you only know from your story, it seems like formula milk isn't needed yet. But of course for more appropriate advice, it should be checked with a pediatrician. The pediatrician will examine your child and provide advice according to your child's circumstances.

Keep weighing your child every month and immunizing your child according to schedule.

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