Feel Dizzy And Excessively Drowsy When Changing Sleep Patterns?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Hypersomnia is a type of sleep disorder that can strike a person with the characteristics of a person sleeping excessively or having difficulty staying awake during the day. Hypersomniacs can fall asleep at any time, such as while studying or cooking. Another symptom is experiencing a lack of energy and difficulty concentrating.

Among the causes of hypersomnia are:

Being overweight or obese Lack of sleep at night, can be due to a physical condition such as asthma, or due to accidental injury or certain disorders in the brain Side effects of drugs consumption of alcohol and drugs Impaired function of the thyroid gland

So regarding your question, it could be that a change in sleep time makes someone hypersomnia. But the change is a change towards the 'wrong' sleep time, in the sense that the night is supposed to be used for sleeping, but is used to wake up for any reason. But changing to a normal sleep time is one way to avoid hypersomnia.

What you experience, could be a natural response to changes in lifestyle. The body does not change immediately, but it takes time to adjust. In addition, the cause of drowsiness must also be considered, whether with this changing sleep pattern you have met your normal sleep needs, namely 7-8 hours a night or not. Because if you haven't, even though you use the night to sleep, it's natural for you to still feel sleepy during the day.

Other factors to consider are nutrition and exercise habits. By getting adequate nutrition and regular exercise, you will be able to stay fit throughout the day. In addition, consider whether the drowsiness you experience is constant, or only appears in the middle of your work or study. If you feel sleepy only when studying or working, then this is very natural.

In conclusion, a deeper history is still needed to be able to assess your condition. And if you decide to get treatment from a doctor, among the specialists who are competent in treating sleep disorders are psychiatrists. Consult your problem to a psychiatrist, and if your psychiatrist assesses you have a certain disorder, you will be given therapy according to your circumstances. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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