Feel Scared When You Hear, See Something Related To The Vagina?

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Hello Doctor how are you? R n r nI want to ask, why every time I hear, see or even read related to the vagina, I always feel scared, restless, trembling? When I accidentally see an image I reflexively close my eyes. In fact, I have never seen Vagina myself because of that. R nWhat “why is that? Then how do I overcome my excessive fear how to do it? R nThank you

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Hi jiali,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Need to be clarified, are you a woman?

The vagina is part of the normal anatomy and is unique to a woman. In addition to being a sexual trait, the vagina also plays an important role in the process of reproduction, including facilitating sexual relations, planning for pregnancy, childbirth, and so on. As a woman, you need to realize, accept, and thank your nature as a gift that God has given you, not to frighten her too much.

Excessive fear of something may be part of a phobia. Very rarely there are actually people who are phobic about their own body parts, but this is not impossible either. The trigger can be multifactorial, for example related to past trauma (such as a history of sexual harassment), poor sexual education, environmental factors, impaired balance of chemical mediators in the brain, poor self-perspective, certain mental disorders, and so on. If this is the condition that you are experiencing, then you need to consult this matter directly with your doctor or psychiatric specialist (psychiatrist) in order to be evaluated more deeply the possible causes. Do not let, your excessive fear of your vagina actually makes you not take good care of your vaginal health, so susceptible to illness, for example related to infection, irritation, and so on. This excessive fear can also affect your sexual performance later when you have a family.

Our advice, you realize that your fear of the vagina tends to be excessive and unreasonable. Be aware, that the vagina, like other parts of your body, is one form of sustenance from God that you should be grateful for and take good care of. Enrich your knowledge about vaginal function, anatomy, and how to treat them correctly. If you are too afraid of your vagina, then how can you take care of it properly? Oppose the cataclysm wisely. Slowly, learn to look, touch, and take good care of your vagina. Convince yourself, that the action is not dangerous for you, but quite the opposite.

Hope this helps ...

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