Feel Someone Accompanying You, Talking To Yourself, Easy To Cry, Easily Emotional, And Mood Swings?

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Good night. . introduce me Ananda Nia, I want to ask. I find myself strange. I like to talk to myself as if I have people who are listening to the things I’m talking about, I also sometimes like to cry suddenly without reason, laugh again, suddenly emotion and feel strong anger who knows to whom. Sometimes my friends also say I change if my mood isn’t good. I always felt that there was someone who always accompanied me but it seemed to be one with me. I am aware of the strange things that I experience but sometimes I am afraid I have a scary disease. I’ve also read about the multiple personality or alter ego. I know that but I’m not sure. Because I was scared first. What do you think I’m experiencing? thank you

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A history of complaints as if someone is accompanying you, talking to yourself, easy to cry, easy to emotion, and mood changes, may be triggered by a mood disorder or your mood.

Alter ego itself is a form of mental health disorder where one side of an individual's life can be far different from the actual condition. So that when this other dominance arises, it causes its basic nature to disappear, so the alter ego takes control of it, this causes the individual concerned to feel a loss of time when the alter ego is in control. Symptoms of patients with alter ego, can be:

 Anxiety and panic Unstable emotions Different behavior Personality disorders Not fully knowing that alter ego is master Thus, if based on the brief information you submit, the complaints that you feel might not be alter ego or multiple personalities, because you are still aware of all things that are You feel. Even though you may experience some alter ego symptoms, these are not symptoms that specifically lead to alter ego. However, to be sure, a direct examination is needed by a psychiatrist or psychologist.

While mood disorders, also known as mood swings, where changes in mood that occur can disrupt your activities and affect your life. Patients with mood disorders can be at risk of developing bipolar disorder, so controlling mood disorders and immediately consulting with a psychiatrist or psychologist will help control complaints of these mood disorders. Patients with mood disorders will experience some comorbid complaints, such as:

 Changes in moods are drastic, protracted, and disrupt everyday life Feeling happy and sad in turn and not controlled Easily offended No sleep or sleep disorders Social relationship disorders However, all this needs to be consulted and examined directly by a psychiatrist or psychologist. A direct examination will help the doctor carry out direct interviews related to complaints that you feel. Physical examination and psychiatric examination will be done to assist doctors in ascertaining the cause. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing care and treatment, so all of this can help you in controlling this complaint.

During the recovery period, some things you need to be concerned about, such as:

 Avoid staying up late Enough to sleep healthy and quality Avoid conflict Avoid showing yourself or the desire to be praised by others Respect and respect others and yourself Jalni healthy social relationships Control emotions and train to control emotions Do hobbies and pleasures that help you relax more Thus the info we can convey.

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