Feel Very Sleepy But Can’t Sleep?

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, why can’t I fall asleep even though I feel so sleepy. Even though I could sleep, I would wake up quickly and feel anxious, afraid that I might not be able to wake up again. Some time ago experienced something like this. But it has improved. And now it is repeated again.

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Sleep disturbance is a condition that can cause interference with sleep patterns. Disorders of sleep can be experienced such as disturbances to start sleep, often waking up at night, waking up very early in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep, nightmares, walking during sleep. Some complaints that can be experienced in people with sleep disorders are easy to feel tired, feel weak and tend to be sleepy, easily disturbed mood, difficult to concentrate.

Anxiety during sleep can also be caused by nightmares, where a person experiences dreams that cause anxiety, tension, fear, or anxiety when awake. Generally, the nightmares / nightmares can you remember the events in his dreams when he woke up. If you do not remember the event in a dream when you wake up, it can also be called a height of terror.

Need to be explored further about the sleep disorders that you experience. Psychological pressure from daily life such as from work, household life, after experiencing a traumatic event or losing someone you love can cause sleep disturbances. Besides sleep disorders can also be caused by consumption of certain drugs, smoking, drinking coffee, or snoring conditions can reduce sleep quality.

If sleep disturbance interferes with your daily activities, makes you anxious and afraid to sleep, decreases concentration to interferes with your daily work and social interactions, it is advisable to consult a doctor regarding further examination and management for your condition. It is recommended not to take self-medication without doctor's instructions, take relaxation measures according to your preferences, avoid smoking, consume caffeinated beverages and alcohol, exercise regularly, and ensure a calm and dark sleep environment during sleep.

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