Feeling Alone And Difficult To Be Happy. Symptoms Of Depression?

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Hello. Actually I’ve experienced this from 1-2 years ago. I feel like I am under pressure, I always feel alone, I sometimes find it very difficult to be happy, there is no reason for me to be happy, and every time I have a problem I always hurt myself but it can make me calmer. But, lately things are getting worse, I have thought of going away from home to avoid all my current life, I have been hurting myself more often (like beating myself, cutting my hands with scissors, or hitting a wall), I often cry myself because I could not hold back what I felt alone, I also became more easily offended by something, my values ​​and concentration were increasingly disturbed. But also several times I did not feel any feelings in me, all empty., I was very disturbed by this. Do I have depression?

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Hello, Dinda Maharani Ayu, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

The condition that you experience can be a stressed reaction (stress) you to an event / certain event. What happens to you according to what you say leads to mood disorders, for example depression or bipolar disorder. But with symptoms like that can also be thought of other possible causes such as personality disorders, there are certain medical diseases, to the consumption of certain substances / drugs. In addition, if you often hurt yourself to calm down, this also leads to self-injury. Even so, to diagnose your condition, it requires a direct examination by a doctor or psychiatrist. If the doctor has checked that there are no medical disorders / physical disturbances, then the doctor will continue the psychiatric medical examination. The doctor will give a solution according to the cause and severity of the condition.

For that, you should consult about this problem with your doctor or psychiatrist / psychiatrist, especially you have often hurt yourself. This if left unchecked can certainly disrupt physical health, disrupt feelings, and make you unable to be productive in life.

You can start gradually to change your mindset. In the meantime, avoid things that you don't like or things that make you sad. Spend energy on something you like and are positive about, such as exercising, doing a hobby, etc. Do meditation, worship, and relaxation to calm your mind. In addition, if there is already a thought to hurt yourself, immediately switch to something more positive such as writing a diary or telling stories to people you trust.

Here are articles that you can read about everything about depression (from symptoms to treatment) and mental health for information about descriptions and ways to have a healthy mental state.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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