Feeling Alone, Lonely And Tired?

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I feel like I have no place to complain except God. My family is intact but I do not feel happy with it, they always hold me back and it is very burdensome and depresses me. I don’t have friends who really care when I have a problem. Everything feels like pressure on me, what should I do? I’m tired of being pressured like this, I want to be free, I want to be like my friends who can come out relaxed without having to be reprimanded. I know they love me, but do I have to be told that when I get permission for an extracurricular at school I am reprimanded? I don’t need that, I need their attention when I get home after the training fatigue. I need attention, not nagging and restraint. What should I do? I’m tired like this. I am among those who are easily down or stressed when there are problems, and really it makes me tired. I am tired of having to be okay in front of them, even though when I am alone I always feel lonely and tired.

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A person's personality is a psychological tendency that a person has and will vary from person to person. In general, based on psychological knowledge everyone has a certain tendency towards personality

- Sanguinis are personalities that have an energetic, cheerful type of character, like to start a conversation, and have an irregular pattern in carrying out activities
- Koleris is a personality with a firm attitude, goal-oriented, able to arrange things quickly, and has high discipline
- Melakonlis is a quiet personality, a thinker, needs silence to think about something before acting.
- Plegmatis is a simple, peaceful personality with a lot of silence, not too fond of the crowd, good self-control. \

Every person has a certain personality bias and sometimes it can be a combination of several personalities but some are still dominant.

Personality is not wrong because everyone has a comfortable atmosphere for himself. People who prefer to be alone, it is difficult to tell stories sometimes associated with introverts and based on research related to tend to use the front of the brain whose job is to plan, remember, and solve problems.

But in conditions where a person experiences a feeling of wanting to be alone accompanied by fatigue, excessive sadness, to interfere with daily activities such as abandoned work, unable to attend lessons in school properly then it has led to a condition of psychological disorders that lead to depression. This needs further examination and consultation with a psychiatrist or at least a psychologist.

What can be done for someone who is comfortable to be alone so they can develop themselves and maintain mental health is

- Writing things that are felt into a writing
- Interaction with people closest is strengthened
- Keep learning to appear in public because it will train yourself
- Enjoy the time taking the time for yourself
- Develop your favorite talents and interests

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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