Feeling Anxious And Afraid When Going Home So As Not To Be Hypnotized?


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Hypnosis is an act of crime committed when the victim is in his subconscious. These activities are certainly very detrimental and quite alarming, especially in quiet places even in crowded places, as well as at certain times such as in the mudik season this time.
Quoted from the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia, avoiding hypnotic crime can be done by efforts of:

Don't bring too much too much
Always be vigilant and suspicious of new people and try to approach you. Don't show confusion or not familiar with the environment around you. Never feel scared and worried, because the more afraid someone is, the easier someone will be used by hypnotists. Always be aware of someone who is holding a limb or clapping their body abruptly Avoid being dazed / empty-minded in public places especially in train cars and busy your mind with other useful things Focus on your own condition Beware if you experience sudden drowsiness, and try to awaken / revive yourself Do not easily panic when in public Always maintain and convince yourself that you are a normal person and fully aware If you want to ask something, then ask the security officer or contact customer service in the train car Avoid contact I will be directly in contact with people you have just met or with people who are communicating with you. The most important thing is to always pray before and during the trip. Hopefully these preventive measures can minimize the tendency of someone's bad intentions towards you. Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully helps smooth your homecoming.

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