Feeling Anxious For No Reason When You Wake Up?

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. I always feel that every time I wake up I experience anxiety without cause. Cry often when remembering someone. My mind is stuck in that person. When I’m down, I think about things. Until you want to end your life. But when I’m calm, I can think of cheating on him. But still I feel down again, feelings change again. Feelings of fear, misgivings. Every day he keeps thinking.

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Hello Anggria

Keep your spirits up, so Anggria is expected to have no intention of ending life because of the problems currently being experienced. I myself may not be able to understand what problems are actually experienced by Anggria, but one thing that Anggria must remember is that there are still people who care about Anggria's condition such as family and friends, and of course they will be clean if Anggria continues to move away in this condition especially to end life, so do not even once there is an intention to end life huh.

Human's mind is something complicated and complex, so to be able to understand a person's psychological problems doctors need to conduct a question and answer session face to face directly and it may be possible to require multiple meetings to be able to understand the psychological state of the patient, where there is a desire for suicide is something that should not be underestimated therefore Anggria is expected to consult with a clinical psychologist (professional psychologist, not just a psychology sarajan) and or a psychiatrist (Dr. Sp.KJ) so that further study can be carried out

Stress in humans is a natural thing, because all people in the world have experienced stress in the mind. It is also stress that motivates someone to change or strive to be better (for example, stress due to difficult exams, so try to study more seriously so that you can pass the exam with good grades or other examples of stress due to being scolded by the boss for not doing a good job so keep trying to work better than before)

However, under certain conditions stress can also cause problems, so that the person dissolves in his stress and even arises the desire to commit suicide as an escape from the circumstances experienced at this time. I myself can not understand the relationship between Anggria and someone? and what is the problem so try to let it go? because of the lack of information that Anggria convey. However, try to "move on" or continue to live whatever the problems that are currently faced by Anggria, do not continue to dissolve the problems that are currently facing Anggria. But try to get up from the current situation, Anggria can try to share complaints (confide) to people who can trust Anggria (so not to everyone, yes, in fact it will add a new problem)

In addition to sharing complaints with people who can be trusted, Anggria also has to do positive activities to divert the mind so as not to constantly think of someone. For example, doing new activities that Anggria has previously wanted to do but haven't had time to do (for example, learning a foreign language, learning to paint, etc.) or can also do activities that Anggria likes (hobbies) before such as singing, listening to musing (which motivates, don't sad song) walking, exercising etc.

Anggria can also try to learn meditation techniques to help manage the stress experienced by Anggria naturally and instill the thought that the past that has happened is a lesson for Anggria, so in the present and future Anggria can work better in terms of the situation, so Anggria does not dwell on his past yes.

Interesting article for Anggria to read is: How to Relieve Stress to be Happier

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