Feeling Anxious, Panicked And Trying To Avoid?

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Good morning, my name is Yuli and I’m 21 years old. At the moment I am in college and joined a large organization on campus. Actually I felt this way long before I went to college and joined the organization but lately it has become more frequent and makes me uncomfortable doing anything. I always feel panicked every time I have something to do, and because of that I tend to avoid by cut off temporary contact from others until I was ready to face it again. At first I was able to overcome it by pondering and thinking, but now the more thought the more uneasy I feel. I am even tired of this condition because it has happened quite often. Is it normal to happen or what actually happened to me? Then what should I do?

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Good evening Yuli, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. We understand your feelings. What you experience, actually can be normal and may not. If it is normal, it is natural that you feel anxious and stressed when thinking about many things at the same time, especially if you are a person who is quite perfectionist or wants everything to go as you wish.

Before, maybe before college, your busy schedule can still be tolerated, but maybe after college, with so many assignments and demands, plus for example you live in a boarding house and away from parents, the burden becomes heavier and causes you stress. This is normal, and is actually one of the maturing processes that each person must experience, although the specifics of the problem can vary. This is where you learn to set priorities. This is where you learn how diverse attitudes people are, this is where you learn to be responsible, think realistically, measurably, and many other life lessons.

But, of course it could be that you experience it because of certain tendencies in yourself. For example there is a tendency to experience psychosomatic conditions, anxiety disorders and so forth. We can not be sure which is the most representative of you, because we do not check you directly and we do not know anything about you. Therefore, the recommendation is that you should consult a psychologist or psychiatrist and tell your problem. With in-depth interviews with these experts, you can find out your real problem, as well as handling what you need.

Meanwhile, identify your problem. Which problems must be addressed immediately and which ones can still be later. Scale priorities. If both are equally important, choose which is more bad if left. If it's just as bad, then you really have to give up one. Then, ask for help from others. Don't think that every problem in your life you have to solve yourself. There may be times when you have enough ability to solve it yourself, but during the process, ask for help from those around you. And most importantly, respect yourself. Give yourself a break. If you don't want to meet other people, no problem, everyone needs their own time. Eat your favorite food, do your hobby, and get enough sleep. If that does not make you better, then consult a professional. So, hopefully answering your question.

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