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Tonight, I am a 22 year old woman lately why do I feel restless every night when I sleep, I don’t sleep well and always wake up. And when I woke up there was a feeling that block but I also do not know what it is. Does that also include symptoms of depression and what can I do to prevent it?

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Hi Harwina,

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The emergence of feelings of anxiety to disturb sleep usually occurs due to psychological pressure. This is possible for example if you have problems in your life, whether related to work, education, social status, interpersonal relationships, loss of objects or loved ones, and so on. Try to ask honestly to yourself, is there a problem that you are facing right now? If there is, maybe this is the originator of your complaint at this time.

Can also, anxiety that you experience due to other factors, for example:

Excessive consumption of caffeine or alcohol Uncomfortable environmental conditions, such as noise, stuffiness Discomfort in the body, such as tightness (for example due to asthma, congestive heart problems), palpitations (for example due to hyperthyroidism), bloating (for example due to gastric acid reflux, gastritis, eating too full), pain (for example, toothache, rheumatism) Mental disorders, for example due to excessive anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia Other, such as jetlag, side effects of drug consumption, etc. People who experience depression can indeed experience sleep disorders as you experience. However, not only that, depression usually also makes sufferers lose interest in carrying out daily activities (including hobbies), tend to confine themselves, withdraw from social activities, cry easily, be more sensitive, do things that hurt themselves, experience eating disorders, and so on. If you do not experience other complaints as described above, then you may not necessarily experience a result of depression.

Our advice, you consult yourself directly to the doctor if the sleep disturbance feels very disturbing to you, including also making your sleep quality drastically reduced. Your doctor may also refer you to a psychiatrist (psychiatrist) if you suspect that your complaint has arisen due to a psychiatric problem.

Here are the first steps you should take:

If there are things that make you nervous, find a solution, don't just be afraid or think too much. Don't be afraid to ask for help from others to find solutions to the problems you are facing, for example from parents, close colleagues, religious leaders, doctors, community leaders, and so busy yourself with positive activities in your daily life, so that at night you are more easily sleepy Routinely do sports 1 to 2 days Do not take sleeping pills carelessly without doctor's advice Avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol, smoking Adjust the atmosphere of the room to be comfortable for live a healthy lifestyle, including disciplining your time to sleep, wake up and eat. Hope it helps.

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