Feeling Depressed, Easily Panic, Palpitations, Irritability?

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why yes lately I have often experienced strange things, I have often been afraid, panicked, always vigilant, initially I had a story that made me traumatized every day when I thought of it, I had problems with my school because I was from grade 1, I wanted to go to school at tmpt the old one I want, then at home I was always told to make me tired because I have an old person who gangerti if his son is tired of learning from morning to afternoon, I don’t want to have a pnykit that pnykit from my mind like this, I’m easy to panic, heart palpitations tight, easy to get angry, if my friend said, I got depersonalized, I really want to recover as soon as I want to go to college, I’m not getting worse help me

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Hello Azhar, thank you for using HealthReplies.com.

The symptoms and signs that you feel are found in several diseases such as:

Panic disorder is a disorder that is characterized by the occurrence of panic attacks suddenly and experienced repeatedly. This disorder can be caused by stress, genetic, traumatic events, and excessive consumption of caffeine and nicotine. Symptoms can be heart palpitations, changes in mental state, such as feeling that they are not real or depersonalization, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and sweating. Social anxiety disorder is an extreme anxiety and fear towards social situations or interacting with others. Symptoms of people who suffer from social anxiety disorder are fear of doing daily activities, have a low level of confidence, really avoid eye contact with others, and fear of being criticized. Comprehensive anxiety disorder is a disorder that makes a person feel excessive and abnormal anxiety for a long time. Someone who has this anxiety disorder usually cannot focus on something, has difficulty concentrating, cannot feel a little relaxed, and also experiences depression. If you feel this is interfering with your daily activities, don't be ashamed to consult directly with a psychiatrist, so that a thorough examination can be done such as questions and answers and counseling, physical examination, and examination of the thyroid and heart record, so that treatment can be given in accordance with your diagnosis.

As for the things you can do right now are:

Trying to discuss what's in the heart with the parents in a good manner with polite language Stop smoking, reduce caffeine consumption, do not consume alcohol and do not abuse drugs. Conducting positive activities, such as sports, artistic activities, and worship. Sufficient sleep and rest needs. Stress management exercises and relaxation techniques Join the community that has the same problem. Also read the article: identify three-types-disorders-anxiety-and-symptoms

Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully can help you.

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