Feeling Electrocuted In The Bones Of The Hand After The Swollen Tendon Injection?

Hello, nI am Yunita, 26 years old, in 2015 I underwent a lamenactomy surgery because I had a pinched nerve in the tailbone of the back which made me almost unable to walk at that time. nSeveral weeks ago the tendon near the back from the surgery was swollen and the neurologist’s advice where I was treating he suggested that the injection was not swollen again as usual because I also had difficulty moving, walking, sitting and even lying down. Now my right hand often hurts in the inner bone like electrocuted, my neck is also very sore and sometimes my knees are like electrocuted. What am I actually going through is this dangerous, and what treatment should I take. For the answer I thank you.

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Good morning Yunita, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. The symptoms you mentioned, in general, can actually be caused by various things, ranging from muscle injuries, joint inflammation and so on, but with a history of pinched nerves that you are experiencing, the appearance of these symptoms is most likely caused by nerves.

The nerves run through our body from the center, namely the brain and down the spine to the tips of the fingers. Nerves are responsible for delivering sensations of touch, heat, cold, vibration, and pain. When there is an abnormality in the nerves, whether it is stressed, infected with a virus, pinched, damage to the structure or the like, there will be symptoms of tingling, shock, aches, numbness or numbness, and pain.

So our advice, what is important for you to do now is to check back with a neurologist for an MRI or CT scan, and see if there has been any narrowing or compression of your spinal cord. This is important because if there is an abnormality in the nerves, you cannot buy the medicine freely. Through this examination your neurologist will also find out about other causes, such as possible immune system disorders, genetic or hereditary factors, liver disease, kidney failure or so on, all of which require different treatment. Therefore, we return to our advice again, check with the neurologist who has been treating you, or perhaps another neurologist to get a second opinion.

Meanwhile, live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining an ideal body weight, eating more foods that contain vitamin B12 such as fish, shellfish, meat, eggs, and dairy products. Get enough rest and avoid stress as well as cigarette smoke. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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