Feeling Hated By Everyone, Feeling Sensitive And Lacking In Socializing?

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Hello! Previously I was confused who was right to tell this. Finally I found this website, I’m happy. I am a woman, a woman not far from the name of feelings and sensitivity, but I’m here a little different. I have a personality like feeling myself hated by everyone. I have a personality when people don’t talk to me but instead talk to other people, my heart hurts. I have a personality that is very sensitive to how other people treat me, to such a small thing as I pay more attention to the expressions of others. From my personality like that makes me always alone. And I became less sociable with the surroundings. I have tried to change my personality above in various ways but I still cannot change it. What do you think I should do to make this strange personality disappear?

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Hello Fresha, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Previously in my opinion, you really have a personality disorder. Personality disorder is a disorder that causes the sufferer to have a mindset and behavior that is not natural to most people. The type of personality disorder you have is a schizoid personality type (here are other types of personality disorders). Do not underestimate this personality disorder, because if not handled properly can make a person into a psychiatric disorder.

Most of the symptoms that will arise from this condition are having strange behavior, often confining themselves / avoiding socialization, difficult to establish relationships with others, difficulty controlling thoughts, and prejudice.

Some factors that can cause personality disorders include:

 There are abnormalities in the brain both in their chemical structure or composition. There is a history of personality / psychiatric disorders in the family. Difficult childhoods, like a chaotic household, sexual trauma, etc. Low level of education. Weak socioeconomic level. I advise you to consult directly with a psychiatrist, the doctor will accompany you until your complaints improve or disappear. The doctor will provide therapy in the form of piscotherapy therapy such as (CBT / Coignitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic, interpersonal) and drugs.

Some complications that can occur if not handled properly such as paranoid schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, etc.

Right now what you can do is:

 Try to tell the problem you are experiencing to the people closest to you, try to open up a little, it can ease the burden on your mind. Get enough rest, sleep 7-8 hours per day. Perform positive activities such as sports, religious activities, etc. Meditation can ease you. Ask to be accompanied by another person during the treatment period with a psychiatrist, to monitor the progress of your treatment, and remind you if you forget or are tired of undergoing treatment, you need help and support from others. So the answers from me, hopefully can enlighten.

Thank you :)

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