Feeling Nervous When Dreaming

Illustration of Feeling Nervous When Dreaming
Illustration: Feeling Nervous When Dreaming

Hello doc, I want to ask, when I was dreaming of someone I felt a nervous feeling that was very real but didn’t wake up, was there a health problem doc?

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Hi Oriyanti,

Thank you for the question.

While sleeping, we are often haunted by dreams that feel so real, that they are felt even after waking up from sleep. Not yet clear what exactly triggered this dream. However, many experts suspect that dreams are formed due to the influence of developmental processes, genetic, psychological, as well as certain medical disorders experienced. You are more prone to having disturbing dreams if your sleep patterns are not good, after experiencing a traumatic event in life (for example due to an accident, being bullied, sexually harassed, having a conflict with friends or family, being left behind a loved one), reading or watching things tense, to consume alcohol and certain drugs.

Such conditions, provided that they occur only occasionally, are often harmless and need not be further addressed. To prevent this from happening, you can apply the following steps:

Create a regular sleep and wake schedule, 6-9 hours every day
In the morning to late afternoon, occupy yourself with productive activities, including work, exercise, and so on
At night, before going to sleep, do things that make you relax, such as by listening to a soothing chant, consuming warm water, soaking in warm water, doing massage, and so on, so that your sleep quality is better
Pray before sleeping
Condition your bedroom for comfort
Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and don't take drugs carelessly

If you feel your complaint is very disturbing, or if your heart beats (beating) that you feel lasts for a long time, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor or psychiatrist later, after the outbreak of COVID-19 is subsiding huh ..

I hope this helps.

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