Feeling Of Having Two Opposing Personalities?

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, I want to ask why yes sometimes I can’t control my feelings sometimes I have great empathy and concern for other people especially people I don’t know. I am easily moved and cry when I see people / animals in distress, but to people who have done wrong to me, then I am really ignorant even I am very cynical about the person and I can not care (cold heart) at all with the person they will be even though initially he was a friend good / my brother. I was confused as to why my nature could be the opposite of that?

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Hello, Amare.

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There are several factors that contribute to a person's emotional state, whether inherited genetic factors (as a cause of congenital disorders), parenting, parental influence or past experiences. Together, these things help build a complete framework in one's personality, including the stability of his emotions. In certain physical conditions, for example in neurodegenerative diseases or chronic liver failure accompanied by changes in the biochemical level of the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, emotional changes can occur.

As for what you experience actually is still normal. Maybe you are a typical person who has a melancholic personality. Usually the melancholic person is easily moved and feels sorry for the poor, or for the helpless animals. Basically it shows that you are a typical loving person. But on the other hand, don't let things get too deep. In every event that happens in the middle of life, there must be positive aspects as well as negative aspects.

Likewise in every relationship that is created between individuals, whether with friends or relatives. So that the relationships created are not too rigid, learn to think from the perspective of others. Maybe the mistakes they made occurred due to accidental factors, so they are not aware of their mistakes. His name is human, nothing is perfect. Or without realizing it, they too have been disappointed with you, but unable to express it. Give space to forgive the mistakes of fellow human beings, as long as they do not violate the norms of adat or religious norms that apply in the midst of our society. In addition, do not require other people to always be able to understand ourselves, because they also have limitations. Also, it's better to think of their virtues than to focus too much on their mistakes. After all, consciously or unconsciously we also have done wrong to others.

In addition, expand your social horizons by participating in various positive social actions (such as social services) or scientific gatherings. Although for the time being these activities need to be limited first in order to control the spread of COVID-19 infectious diseases by the government (social distant); anyway, the policy doesn't last forever. If the COVID-19 pandemic has officially been declared over, and the community can resume their activities as before, it would not hurt you to participate in these activities. Or if you are an animal lover, you can also join action activities related to the conservation of endangered or endangered wild animals, while still being careful in every interaction with wildlife by following the applicable protocol. By participating in these activities, not only do you gain insight, but you can also meet new friends who share your hobbies or interests.

In addition, it never hurts you to do counseling to a psychologist or psychiatrist, if it feels there are still things that block. They are willing to help you. Don't worry about stereotypes that are sometimes still wrong in the midst of society related to psychologists or psychiatrists. For example, there is an assumption that a patient from a psychiatrist is identical to schizophrenia. That is absolutely not true. Sometimes some diseases that are not rarely found everyday in the community, such as dyspepsia syndrome, some of the risk factors are associated with psychological conditions in the form of somatoform disorders.

Thus information from me, hopefully can be useful.


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