Feeling Tired, Dizzy, Nauseous And Short Of Breath When You See Blood Dripping?

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Hello,! R nI am Revy, 18 years old. R n r nAbout 2 years ago my thumb tucked in the corner. Then the blood trickled down. Not long afterwards, when I was helped by a local pmr (cleaned of the wound), suddenly I smelled the distinctive rancid smell of blood and immediately felt weak, dizzy, nauseous and short of breath. R n r nThen about a month ago when I was fasting, I was late breaking the fast about 15 minutes, and my forefinger was cut and bleeding dripping. When I was washing the wound I suddenly felt dizzy and my vision became black. Then I hurriedly ran and sat down, afraid I might pass out. When I sat down I felt increasingly nauseous, my vision was darkened, blurred, short of breath and weak (my friend said it was a sign of half fainting). Why is that? R n r nI read, how come the sign refers to hemophobia. Even though I am fine if I look at other people’s blood and my own, except during the two events above. Please explain and advise. Thank you ❤

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Good morning Revy, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Symptoms of weakness, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, shortness of breath and others that you mention as a response to blood loss can actually be grouped into two possibilities, namely physical causes and mental / mental causes.

Physical causes can result from disturbances in blood pressure, disturbances in the balance of body fluids due to sudden bleeding, and lack of oxygen supply to the tissues, but this can occur when the blood flows out a lot, such as in people who experience heavy bleeding during labor or in them. the accident and his veins were injured.

Judging from your description that the blood is dripping, not flowing, it shouldn't be enough to cause physical symptoms. Therefore the main possibility still falls on hemophobia or blood phobia. Blood phobia is a specific type of phobia where the sufferer experiences excessive fear of blood, and this includes all components or aspects of blood, namely its image, smell, color, regardless of whether it is one's own blood or someone else's.

This condition can increase the risk of occurring in someone who has the following factors:

Heredity or genetics
Have seen people who are afraid of blood
Parents who are too overprotective

Traumatic incident

In your case, however, the occurrence does not fully represent blood phobia because you do not feel disturbed when seeing blood outside of both conditions. But there could be specific things that you are unconsciously afraid of, for example, you have a deep fear of bleeding due to a sharp object because you subconsciously associate it with violence, coercion, bullying, dangerous or threatening situations and so on. When the blood you see is outside of that condition, like when you have your period or someone else's blood, you don't feel a problem because it doesn't create a 'threatening' atmosphere than if the blood comes out of you because of a sharp object.

Another possibility is, of course, that the symptoms you are experiencing at that time are caused by other conditions such as low red blood cells or anemia, low blood sugar levels, lack of fluids or dehydration, and low blood pressure that coincided with your injury. However, since it has only happened twice and both of them were injured, this is likely not the main one.

So in conclusion, as long as this does not bother you, you actually don't need to worry if it is not handled further, because being hurt is also not something that we will encounter continuously. However, if this is bothering you and you want to get rid of it, then the best advice is to consult a psychiatrist. Your psychiatrist can provide you with therapeutic options such as cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, hypnotherapy, counseling as well as other psychotherapy to help remove the disorder from yourself.

So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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