Feeling Uncomfortable Living With Wife?

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I want to ask, why, after a long marriage (3 years), I feel uncomfortable if I live with my wife, the current position I live with my parents, but if my parents leave, I feel uncomfortable, somehow the feeling arises itself, my age (36 ) and my wife (41) so if my parents go away I always feel like I don’t know why I am confused. In the past, when I dated LDR with her for 2 years I broke up for 2-3 months, then reconciled again and met cm 3 day. I do not know if he likes to govern me, but why do I want to be ordered when I do not like being instructed except by my parents, and after getting married he became more and more like a head of the household, loved to govern, I and he just never slept asleep he sleeps in front of my TV in the room, the reason is because I am disturbed snoring, invited by ML also do not want to, I am confused what to do, actually I want to be separated but rather difficult,

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Hello, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com
I can feel your discomfort. I think what you feel is normal. Here are some entries that might help you, namely:
1. You must be sure that your wife is the best woman for you right now. The attitude of your wife like that is because of the large amount of homework that must be done, especially if your wife also works outside the home.
2. Help your wife's work before being told. There is nothing wrong if you sweep the house, do the dishes, do the laundry, cook and do other homework. Even you and your wife can work together. You can cook for the family on each work holiday, such as Saturday or Sunday. You can wash the dishes after every meal and drink. You can lighten your wife's job of washing clothes by buying a washing machine. And so forth.
3. You do not rule the wife. Do what you need independently, like taking your own food, taking your own clothes, ironing your own clothes that you want to wear if you haven't ironed it, and so on. If you really need help from your wife, say the words of help and thank you afterwards.
4. You must look neat, clean and fragrant while at home.
5. So as not to snore during sleep, sleep in a tilted position to the left or right. Avoid the supine sleeping position.
6. Occasionally buy your wife a gift or bring food to her favorite.
If your feelings become more erratic and disturb your daily activities, you can consult with a psychologist.
Thus hopefully useful.

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