Feelings Of Chaos And Often Alone Because Of Work In A Field That Is Not Liked?

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good morning, sorry I want to ask. Last July, I felt a pretty high pressure on myself, because I first entered the workforce in a field that was contrary to my pleasure. but I was forced to stay here, finally in July I experienced a very very chaotic feeling, I was always alone, every night I felt empty, seeing sharp objects there was a tendency to hurt myself, like the undead, you could say. and it lasted long enough, about 1 month or more, until I kept away from everyone, but on the other hand I also blamed everyone “nobody cares about me”. I told the closest people didn’t help, instead I felt cornered, and the pressure grew.

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Hello O K Goddess,

Mental disorders can be experienced by anyone of all ages. There are many mental disorders ranging from those that affect mood, emotions, thought patterns, and also behavior. In mental disorders, mood disorders, emotions, thought patterns, and behavior experienced by patients cause hindaya or functional disorders of patients in carrying out their daily activities both at work / school or social relationships.

Mental disorders can arise due to psychological factors such as traumatic events in the past, pressure from the environment, difficulty adjusting. Mental disorders can also arise due to organic disorders or other conditions such as brain tumors, strokes, Alzheimer's, etc. To determine the type and cause of a mental disorder that a person experiences, of course, a complete history is needed (doctor-patient question and answer) regarding the history of complaints, ballast factors, accompanying symptoms, and questions using a special questionnaire to classify mental disorders of patients.

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by the main symptoms:

Depressive affect
Loss of interest and excitement
The reduced energy that has an effect is easily tired and decreases in activity
Other symptoms that can be felt by patients are decreased concentration, decreased self-confidence, guilt and uselessness, gloomy future views, ideas for suicide or self-injury, sleep disturbance, decreased appetite. Depression can also be accompanied by somatic symptoms, such as aches all over the body, difficulty falling asleep, hair loss, weight loss, nausea, or even vertigo and fever as you feel.
A person can be diagnosed with a depressive disorder if during examination at least the patient experiences 2 of 3 main symptoms plus at least 2 of the other symptoms for a minimum of 2 weeks duration. Sufferers can experience difficulties in work and social relationships.

Anxiety is a feeling of anxiety or normal worry when someone faces a particular situation such as going to an exam, facing an interview, speaking in public, etc. But it will be a nuisance if the anxiety is excessive to interfere with daily activities (for example, can not talk at all, constantly urinating, fainting, etc.). Anxiety disorders themselves can be divided into panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and also generalized anxiety disorder. Symptoms experienced include:

Heart beat
Excessive sweating
Shortness in the chest
Cold hand leg
Low confidence

Management of depression and anxiety disorders is done by psychiatrists through the provision of antidepressant drugs, antianxietas, and also psychotherapy. Of course you should meet with a psychiatrist first to share your problem, so the doctor can provide the right diagnosis. The examination with a doctor is private and the doctor is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the patient, so that the diagnosis and treatment and your condition are only doctors, medical officers, and you know. Early treatment, assisted by a strong patient's intention to recover will provide better treatment results. It would be better if there is support from family, friends, and the community that is good for healing patients. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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