Feels Itchy And Feels Like Something Is Running Under The Skin?

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under my skin itching continues 3/5 days it appears like a worm scars If it’s itching it doesn’t love balm and q feels the movement of worms writhing inside the worm as it enters into the body’s tissues and gradually spreads q just check but only in love with cetirizine it is a cure for allergies q the allergy worm spreads to my back and my thighs panic what to do

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There are complaints of itching and such as walking under the skin as you feel may be caused by the entry of worms into the skin / cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) or possibly a subjective complaint caused by itching and inflammation of the skin. If you have done a doctor's examination, and the doctor has given the drug cetirizine, then the doctor's evaluation results may be that the complaint that you feel is not caused by the entry of worms into your skin, but due to inflammation of the skin that causes complaints of itching and sensations such as worms that walk. The drug given by the doctor is not only used for allergies, but this drug is also indicated for complaints of itching complained of by the patient, so that if the itchy complaint that you feel is still disturbing, you can continue the medication the doctor has prescribed, and control again if the complaint still exists or still annoying.
And related to the possibility of complaints of itching caused by the entry of worms into the skin, this condition is often caused by the entry of hookworms that spread from pets at home such as cats, dogs, sheep or due to non-hygienic conditions in contact with human skin. General description of complaints this is indeed the way you feel, either in the form of itchiness, the appearance of a twist accompanying the itchy area, or the skin appears reddish. However, to confirm the diagnosis of CLM, it is necessary to do a dermoscopy or biopsy, so that CLM can be ascertained.
Some other conditions can also cause itching and sensation complaints such as moving under the skin, such as:
1. contact dermatits
2. prickly heat
3. allergic
4. fungal infections
5. tick bites
Therefore, because some other diseases can provide similar complaints and the treatment of each disease is different, then if the complaint that you feel is permanent and the medication given by your doctor has run out, you can ask for a second opinion from your dermatologist, doctor will conduct a direct examination by looking at the area of ​​your skin complaints, and if needed, the doctor can plan a supporting examination to support the diagnosis. The results of the examination will be a reference for treatment and treatment.
For now, avoid scratching directly with nails to prevent injury and risk of infection. Use a tissue or handkerchief to scratch. In addition, keep your skin clean from the risk of non-hygiene areas, and clean your hands or body after activities. Give a compress with warm water on the itchy area.
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