Feels Like A Lump Of Fat In The Nose?

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I want to ask, my left nostril has excess fat on the inside, so my nose looks tilted to the right, how do I get rid of that fat?

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The excess fat in the nasal cavity you are referring to may be a symptom of nasal polyps. Polyps themselves are a type of benign tumor originating from the mucous layer (mucous membrane) in the walls of the nasal cavity. Clinically, this polyp will appear as a lump that looks like reddish flesh, has a soft consistency, has a smooth surface, and can enlarge and then block the airway. Frequently, polyps appear in one nasal cavity, although in some rare conditions, polyps can also appear in both nasal cavities at once. People with polyps often also have problems with colds that often recur, headaches, facial pain, olfactory disorders, swallowed mucus into the throat (post nasal drip), nosebleeds, and so on.

It is not yet clear what triggers nasal polyps to grow. However, many studies suggest that polyps can be triggered by excessive nasal cavity irritation, including due to air turbulence in people with nasal septum deviation (oblique nasal bone). This condition may also be the cause of your complaint.

Our advice, check yourself directly to the doctor or ENT specialist doctor to be examined more deeply your complaints. With this examination, it can also be ruled out other possibilities that can cause the appearance of masses resembling fat in the nasal cavity, such as cancer, corpus alienum, swelling of Konka, and so on. Frequently, polyps that are small in size do not need to be handled specifically, other than by observation and administration of several types of drugs to relieve patient complaints. However, if the polyp is large enough, and the slope of the nasal bone is quite significant, it can also be a doctor recommending you to undergo surgery.

At this time, you should not gouge out the fat-like mass that appears in your nose. Also avoid exposure to cold, dry air, dust, smoke, and other respiratory tract irritants. Do not forget, multiply to drink warm water, eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C, and do not consume any drugs without doctor's advice.

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