Feels Like Someone Is Calling While Sleeping?

Illustration of Feels Like Someone Is Calling While Sleeping?
Illustration: Feels Like Someone Is Calling While Sleeping? Bing

Hello , I have a question .rnSometimes when I sleep I close my eyes . A voice called my name. It happened 2 times after that there was no more sound. His voice sounded very clear to my brain and ears.rnThat’s why, please give a solution or inputrnThank you

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Hello Puspaan

First of all, it must first be ascertained whether the voice is heard by other people around you or not, because it may turn out that there is indeed a voice that you hear but not necessarily that the voice is actually a voice calling you. Because at that time you are about to enter the sleep phase so that the sound you hear may be a call to yourself. The state in which sense perception is wrong is referred to as Illusion.

Another possibility is the presence of hallucinations, in contrast to Illusions where your senses actually hear a sound but you misinterpret the sound so that it is thought to be a voice being called, in hallucinations you don't even hear a sound. So you can be sure that the person who may be sleeping next to you will not hear anything. Because only your perception is experiencing this but there is no stimulation to your senses.

Then there is also a condition known as delusions or better known as delusions. Delusion is a condition in which a person believes something when in fact what he believes is wrong or does not exist. For example, he feels that he hears voices claiming that he is an incarnation or incarnation or messenger of a holy person or person in power. Which in reality is not the case.

Puspaan is expected to first consult a general practitioner directly so that an interview or further examination can be carried out on yourself. Later, if a suspected condition is found but requires more special handling, Puspaan will be referred according to the relevant scientific field. Such as neurologists, ear, nose and throat specialists, mental health specialists, and other fields.

A related article to listen to is Hearing Hallucinations Can Be Caused by These Things

Hope it is useful

dr. Arnold

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