Feels Painful In The Breast.?

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Bismillah, I am 21 years old, but for a month I have felt pain in my breasts every time I accidentally touch or press slowly until hard and lately I feel that my breasts are getting bigger. why is that?

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Pain in the breast or in medical terms known as Mastalgia, is something that is often experienced by women, and can make patients feel anxious and worried. This symptom can be a normal condition for hormonal changes (menstrual cycle) in women, but it can also be a sign of a certain disease.

Some diseases or conditions that can cause these symptoms include:

Muscle ache. Can be caused by physical activity or excessive exercise, without heating. It can also be caused by lifting heavy objects, or sitting and sleeping in the wrong position.
Drug side effects, for example on the use of oral contraceptives, or hormone replacement therapy in women who have menopause. Other symptoms that often accompany this condition are headache, spontaneous bleeding (bruising, vaginal bleeding, etc.), acne, and weight changes.

Mastitis, an inflammation of the breast, is most often caused by blockage of breast milk and infection, both bacterial and fungal. This condition often occurs in nursing mothers, and in conditions where breast hygiene is not guaranteed. Symptoms that often accompany include redness, swelling, sometimes accompanied by the formation of an abscess (lump filled with pus) in the breast.

Benign breast tumors, such as mammae fibroadenoma is an abnormal growth of tissue, but is benign (does not spread and does not endanger lives). This condition can be accompanied by a lump in the breast.

Breast cancer, is an uncontrolled growth of tissue, which can get bigger quickly, and can also spread to other surrounding organs, such as the lungs, bones, lymph nodes, and others. Accompanying symptoms can include weight loss, pale, lumps that get enlarged quickly, sometimes accompanied by blood loss.

To confirm this condition, additional tests are needed, such as physical examinations, additional examinations such as radiology (chest x-ray, mammography, etc.), or laboratory blood tests (routine blood, tumor markers, etc.). You can do a self-examination at home, which is called breast self-examination (BSE). You can read on this link about how to do a BSE check.

If you find a lump, or feel the symptoms of breast pain are starting to bother you, I suggest to see a general practitioner or surgeon so that more complete checks and appropriate treatment if necessary.

So, hopefully you can help.

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