Feels Painful In The Post-natal Suture Wound

Illustration of Feels Painful In The Post-natal Suture Wound
Illustration: Feels Painful In The Post-natal Suture Wound

To answer the doctor’s question … I gave birth 2 years ago doc … gave birth to my child ..2 .. The tear wound occurred a little bit bigger but there was no blood just pain … and if it’s already related it feels like d cuts .. that’s what ya doc ..

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 Injuries that have occurred since 2 years ago, generally healed completely. However, the wound healing process will form scar tissue that is not as elastic as the previous tissue. When there is stretching, such as perineal strain when cleaning or during sexual intercourse. The stretch can cause a tear. Especially if sexual intercourse is carried out without heating or if a woman does not achieve sexual stimulation before penetration or the penis enters the vagina.
 You should avoid having sexual intercourse regarding the injured part. You can have sexual relations in other ways. Or you can use lubricants, but this can be done after the wound has improved. To accelerate wound healing, apply an ointment that contains antibiotics and substances that can trigger tissue growth (such as placental extract). Also, keep the wound dry, routinely wash it and then immediately dry using a soft towel. You should also use underwear that is soft, absorbs sweat and is not tight.
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