Feels Prop Up The Hernia Surgery Scar?

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Hello. My name is graceful Rizka Shafira, I want to ask. 7 months ago I just had a hernia surgery, but these days, when I rock like there is a lump in the former surgery, is it dangerous and do I have to consult a surgeon again?

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Hello Anggun, thank you for consulting at HealthReplies.com.

Basically a hernia is a condition in which organs in the body press and drop through weak muscle tissue. In general, organs that are depressed and descended are digestive organs, namely the intestine. Post hernia recovery usually takes at least 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

However, if after 7 months you still complain about your former surgery, then you should control returning to the doctor who used to operate on you, or if it is not possible to consult with him again, you can consult another surgeon that you trust, so that the doctor can do a complete examination of you or if another supporting examination is needed, then it can immediately be done like for example an ultrasound examination.

If the cause is clearly known, then you will get the appropriate treatment. It could be possible complaints related to post-hernia surgery before or it could also be caused by the condition of your body which happens to be in the right position in the former hernia surgery. Other conditions that might cause the complaint are the presence of stool that collects in the intestines, or the presence of muscle cramps or other causes that are very likely to occur.

Meanwhile, to cope with complaints that are increasing or worsening of your complaints, then you should get enough rest, do sports with low and moderate intensity that begins with adequate heating, consumption of water that is at least 2L per day, and consumption of foods that contain nutrients balanced.

Thus our explanation, hopefully our explanation is useful for you. Thanks.

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