Feels Something Moving In The Left Abdomen And Chest?

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3 days back, in my body, there are those who move by themselves, sometimes in the left chest, sometimes in the left side of the stomach, when I sleep I feel like there are people who move, when they are not feeling, is it a worm or what? r n r nFollowing after exercise my skin peels off but it is black, can my lips peel off a little reddish white?

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Hello, Oni Hoironi, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Feeling something that moves in the abdomen and chest can be caused by many possible causes, for example:

1. GERD / Gastroesofageal Reflux Disease / stomach acid disease

2. Arrhythmia / heart rate disorder

3. Anxiety / anxiety

To determine the cause, need a direct examination by a doctor. The doctor will ask about the history of the disease experienced, conduct a physical examination, and if necessary a supporting examination is done to help find the cause.

Meanwhile, worm infections in the body have different symptoms depending on the type of worm and infected limb. In the infection of the skin, it will cause tingling / itching / burning in the infected area and the worm will form a skin disorder in the form of a reddish tunnel. In worms that infect the intestine, usually it will make diarrhea, no appetite, stomach ache, lack of nutrition, bloating, to anemia.

Peeling black lips can be due to the influence of the environment around you in sports (for example a lot of dust, vehicle fumes), or there are parts of your lips that experience hyperpigmentation (darker than the surrounding color) due to sun exposure or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (hyperpigmentation post-inflammation, for example before having been injured, often rubbed, acne, smoking habits, etc.).

Check with your doctor if it is very annoying, or if in addition to the signs you mentioned before there are other symptoms such as: no appetite, weakness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, pale, shortness of breath, then immediately go to the doctor for an examination.

To improve symptoms, you can consume lots of water, avoid sleeping on a full stomach (keep the distance between eating and sleeping at least 3 hours), avoid smoking and alcohol, limit fatty foods, limit sour, spicy, coffee, eat small amounts of food but often, and maintain ideal body weight. In addition, adequate rest and sleep, and controlling your emotions and stress can help improve complaints. Maintain cleanliness of food and drinks, ensure maturity, diligently wash hands using soap, and wear footwear especially on the ground to prevent worm infections.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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