Feet Aches After Hitting A Fence?

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Excuse me. I want to ask .. A week ago my foot was right near the ankle hit by a fence. Since hitting until now my feet ache. Is there any solution? thank you

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There is a history of your ankle collision with the fence, and has lasted 1 week ago, but until now it still hurts the possibility of this ankle area is still experiencing inflammation so that pain complaints are still felt. Inflammation process after a collision in certain parts of the body, can last about 5-7 days, depending on the location of the trauma, and treatment carried out after trauma or collision.

Inflammatory processes that occur can be in the form of swelling, redness, pain to impaired function or decreased function of the impact area. So, the complaints of pain or ache once until now indicate the process of swelling is still there and also impaired function is still encountered, where complaints of pain is increasing when you use moves that ultimately interfere with your activities or interfere with your comfort.

If the trauma or collision has been running for 5-7 days, the recovery process should have been going well and now your pain complaints are getting better. Improvement of the inflammation process can be characterized by reduced swelling, reduced pain, redness begins to fade, or tenderness is reduced. If the pain complaint is still the same or does not improve, then this might be triggered by:

 Your activity is still high in walking or your feet become the foundation of your work activities. The area of ​​impact on the ankle is still often depressed. Having a secondary infection or bacterial contamination of the wound. Having a new impact at the same point. with your doctor There are complications in the collision, such as broken leg bones or open sores. If your activity is sufficiently dense or your activity support on the leg area is quite heavy, it is necessary for you to rest the impacted leg. By reducing the burden on the impacted leg, it is hoped that the recovery of pain or inflammation will be better. In addition to resting the area of ​​the foot that is experiencing a collision, some other efforts you can also do, such as:

 Apply warm compresses to the impact area Compress sekitra 10 minutes, do it 3 times a day Give warm oil to the impact area Do a light stretch on the area of ​​your leg joints to reduce your muscle tension Perform light massages around the impact area If in the next 2 days, after you try some things above, but these complaints still bother you, so you should visit your family doctor or your surgeon. The doctor will interview the collision process and conduct a direct examination of this complaint. So the doctor can ascertain the cause of the complaint of pain that you still feel. If necessary, the doctor will do a radiological examination to ensure there are no other medical problems that accompany. The results of the examination will be a reference for your care and treatment. Thus this complaint will get better.

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