Feet Feels Dry Until Itches Black?

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Tonight, I want to ask a lot here, hehe, so the first thing I want to ask is why is my leg part more precisely on the skin, but some of it is really dry? It’s really dry until it turns black, if I scratch it there is white and white? why is that ??

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The skin is a broad network on the surface of the body that protects the body from the outside environment, thus helping to prevent the entry of bacteria and physical and chemical exposure in the environment around humans. Besides being beneficial for protection, the skin is also of aesthetic value for the appearance and general description of the cleanliness and health of the human body. Therefore, maintaining healthy skin by:
1. meet the needs of rest
2. Do not sleep late
3. meet the needs of water
4. meet the needs of healthy nutritious food
5. avoid stress
6. do not often change brands in using skin care
is a healthy lifestyle that can support human skin health. Thus, blood flow, supply of nutrients, and skin moisture will be maintained properly.
In connection with your question, the presence of dry skin that you feel, especially in the foot area, may be caused by unbalanced skin moisture, so the skin looks dull, scaly, or maybe darker. This condition is likely related to physical fatigue, lack of drinking water, the use of shoes that are not comfortable, do not use protection when using shoes, lack of rest, do not perform skin care properly.
Some causes of dry skin also need to be considered, such as:
1. weather changes
2. hot temperature
3. skin diseases, such as eczema
4. sun exposure
5. unsuitable soap or skin care
To help reduce complaints of dry skin, you should start to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, in addition, you can also use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin. Do not forget, use a moisturizer that contains sun screen, especially if dry leg skin comes in contact with the sun.
However, if this complaint is increasingly disturbing, you should consult with a dermatologist to determine the cause. Doctors will conduct interviews, and physical examinations to determine the cause. The results of the examination will help the doctor provide care and medication that suits your skin condition. Thus, it is hoped that this complaint will improve and not bother you.
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