Feet Feels Hot

Illustration of Feet Feels Hot
Illustration: Feet Feels Hot

Hello doc. Permission to ask For the past 2 days I have felt that my right leg feels hot and gone, keeps repeating and only in the sole of my right foot. Please diagnose it related to my condition. Thank you

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Hello Muhyidin,

Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com.

Based on complaints made, complaints cannot lead to one definitive diagnosis, because there is a need for physical examination and supporting examinations to establish a definitive diagnosis. But I will try to explain some of the possible causes that you experience. Feels hot on the soles of the feet can be caused by several things, including
1. Nerve disorders, can occur when the nerves that are nerve enduring the sole of the foot are squeezed or too often under pressure, causing a burning sensation and sometimes accompanied by tingling.
2. Joint inflammation, inflammation due to joints between the heel and sole due to excessive pressure can cause heat complaints on the soles of the feet.
Based on your complaint, it can lead to inflammation in the soles of the feet, to eliminate the burning sensation can consume vitamin B complex, if there is pain you can consume pain relievers such as paracetamo. Complaints of inflammation in the feet, physiotherapy must be done so that complaints can be reduced. Use a leg brace that is not hard and prop the foot when going to sleep. If in that way there are no changes, then you can consult a doctor.
May be useful. Thanks.

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