Feet That Feels Painful And Swollen?

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Good evening, I’m Yurike, age 21. 5m. I first felt pain in my legs for about a month, then my father sorted my legs. Well, the 2-week pause of my foot was still hurting but strangely my foot was stomped on pain it only hurt 1 day (left foot), then when I checked the right leg there was a painful vein held like a lump above the ankle. Then after how many days my left leg was swollen and wanted to massage and it didn’t hurt. But after one week I massage, my legs again swollen with both feet. But the left side is swollen ankle until the bones do not look and the inside of the foot is the edge of the left thumb is also swollen. Now the right side is the same. I think whether my veins are stiff? Because I sleep a little bend so? Does your hand hurt? But this is only this time. It wasn’t like this before. When I’m tired of work I just sit and design. I can’t even bend to sleep. Surely I will limit both sides to keep going straight. But the result is swollen. Please help. Thank you

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Hello Yurike,

Thank you for the question.

Feet that feels painful and swells up to his fingers is most often caused by an injury. Sometimes, this injury is not always clear and is realized by the sufferer. Because, you could experience this injury while undergoing daily activities, for example when you sprain while walking, sit bending your legs for too long, being crushed by heavy objects, and so on. Inappropriate foot massage actions, as was done to you before, can also make the tissue in your leg injury. As a result of this injury, the tissue around the foot will become inflamed, until finally it feels painful, swollen, reddish, warm when touched, and difficult to move.

Not only injuries, pain and swelling in your feet may also occur due to other factors, such as cellulitis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout arthritis, plantar fasciitis, benign or malignant tumors, fibromyalgia, vascular disorders, nerve disorders, heart disorders, kidney disorders, and so.

Treatment of pain and swelling can certainly differ depending on the underlying cause. Therefore, it is more appropriate if you first check yourself with a doctor or neurologist. Through physical examination, accompanied by supporting tests, such as x-rays or CT scans, often doctors are able to evaluate how dangerous your condition is, and what the best treatment steps that needs to be done.

In the meantime, you can first overcome the pain and swelling in your feet with ice cube compresses, rest the painful feet, reduce physical activities that make your feet tired (like walking long distances, running, going up and down stairs, and standing for too long) , keep your weight so that it is not too fat, do not carelessly massage painful and swollen feet, always use comfortable footwear and pants when doing activities (stay away from tight pants and high heels), and do not just take medication carelessly before seeing a doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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