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Good evening, I’m a 25-year-old woman, 162 cm tall, BB 50 KG (BMI 18) having a pregnant program. I’ve been married for 2.5 years and have never been pregnant. 5). While taking prophylactic drugs and vitamin D3 1000 UI. The doctor diagnosed me with PCOS. The question: is the cause of insulin low? And how is the treatment? Can it be cured and can get pregnant in the near future or must first normalize its insulin levels / PCOS? How is treatment with ovarian drilling laparoscopy? Thank you

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Fertility disorders or fertility is a problem that is quite a lot experienced by women. The causes are very many, could be due to disorders of the reproductive organs themselves, hormonal disorders, to systemic disorders. One cause of infertility is PCOS or indromovariumpolicism. PCOS is a collection of symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances that occur mainly in women of childbearing age, characterized by irregular ovulation, increased levels of male hormones (androgens) in a woman's body, and the appearance of many cysts (fluid-filled pockets) in the ovaries. If it fulfills two of the three symptoms, it can be said that PCOS. Symptoms of PCOS can be in the form of irregular periods, prolonged menstrual cycles, continuous menstruation or rarely menstruation, acne, difficult pregnancy, abnormal hair growth, hair loss, obesity, mood instability, and so forth. PCOS can be caused by several things, such as hormonal imbalances, decreased amount of insulin or insulin resistance, as in people with diabetes, or have a family history of PCOS. Insulin is a hormone produced by beta pancreatic cells that function in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This insulin serves to bring glucose / sugar into the cells to be metabolized into energy. If insulin levels are low, it can cause sugar levels in the body to increase. These sugar levels will disrupt blood flow and disrupt the hormonal system in the body so that it can trigger fertility disorders. This low insulin can be caused by hereditary factors, because of pancreatic damage, due to trauma / injury to the pancreas, tumor, or due to other causes. For pregnant programs you should consult your obstetrician, the doctor may conduct an examination, and provide treatment and education that can be done according to your condition. Your doctor may also suggest consulting the internal medicine department for your current insulin condition. Handling can be with the provision of drugs or by giving insulin from outside. Laparoscopic ovarian drilling is one of the operative methods by inserting a device with a small camera into the abdominal cavity to remove abnormal ovarian follicles so that the surface becomes normal again. Surgery can be successful in some cases. But you should still consult a doctor about the appropriate method of treatment. Generally, if the underlying disease that causes this fertility disorder is overcome, as in this case PCOS and insulin are low, then the possibility of getting pregnant is greater. We recommend that you still do a healthy lifestyle, maintain ideal body weight to a normal BMI value, control risk factors, do exercise
regularly, multiply the consumption of water (at least 2L per day), eat healthy and nutritious food, adequate rest, and avoid stress, smoking, and alcohol because it can aggravate complaints.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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