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, I want to ask about the results of my fertility test is always positive, my cycle is 28-30 days but last month my menstruation progressed a week (this is the first time this happened during my 2nd marriage) so I thought my fertile period would progress but after checking for fertility using LH test H + 13 to H + 21 the test results are always positive and not thick both. Is it normal? Is it really my fertile period for 8 days? Explanation please. thanks.

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Hi sabine,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Unlike men who can produce sperm cells continuously, women will only produce eggs at the time of ovulation, which is once around the menstrual cycle. Therefore, determining a woman's fertile period is very important in order to facilitate the pregnancy planning process.

The fertile period is defined as the mass most likely to occur when you have sexual intercourse. This fertile period lies in the vicinity of the estimated schedule for ovulation, which is the rupture of a mature egg from the ovary. In women with menstrual cycles that are always regular and normal (ranging from 21 to 35 days), ovulation occurs 14 days before the day of your next expected period. The fertile period can occur about 5 days before and after ovulation.

However, in women with normal and irregular menstrual cycles, determining the fertile period can be more complicated. You need to first record your menstrual cycle for at least the last 6 to 9 months. Furthermore, you can calculate the fertile period by:

First day of fertility = shortest cycle minus 27 Last day of fertility = longest cycle minus 11 Meanwhile, if your menstrual cycle is abnormal and irregular, then you cannot use the calendar method of determining your fertile period. You can use other methods of determining the fertile period, namely by measuring the basal body temperature or also observing cervical mucus.

As for the fertility detection tool that is widely sold in the market, its accuracy is still in doubt. Many experts say that this tool has many potential biases, so you should not use it as a single benchmark in determining your fertile period. In fact, it is not impossible for you to experience fertility for 8 days. However, to be more accurate, you should also accompany the results of the examination using the fertility detection tool with other methods as mentioned above.

That's all for our explanation. For more details, please consult directly with a gynecologist.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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