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Hello doctor. My grandmother had dry diabetes, a few weeks ago, she slipped and then one of her legs (from toe to below knee) initially turned blue, then gradually became injured. And recently, the wound was smeared with ointment and then bandaged by my mother, when it opened my grandmother’s feet like rotting from the inside (festering). And come out like maggots around the soles of the feet and the backs of his feet. How do you deal with / treat it? Are there prescription drugs such as antiseptics or anything to treat pus, so it does not come out like a maggot again? And if

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In medical terms, actually not known as dry diabetes or wet diabetes. This term is often used by ordinary people to distinguish diabetics who have wounds (often on the legs, back, etc.) that are difficult to dry, and diabetics who do not have wounds. In fact, actually all patients with diabetes mellitus are at risk for complications in the form of wounds that are difficult to dry, due to damage to peripheral blood vessels, decreased body's defense system due to thickening of blood, and damage to the nervous system at the ends of the body. Therefore, this term often it is confusing to the public because even in diabetic patients who initially had no injury (what was originally called dry diabetes), if uncontrolled blood sugar can also cause injury (wet diabetes).

The condition of the foot injury in patients with diabetes mellitus, called diabetic foot or diabetic ulcer. Treatment of diabetic feet requires comprehensive treatment, including:

The most important thing to do is to regulate blood sugar levels. Although it is not seen directly (by the eye), the thing that causes the injury is uncontrolled blood sugar levels for a long time. The things that can be done to regulate blood sugar are:
Always controlling blood sugar levels, patients with diabetes mellitus are advised to have a tool to check blood sugar at home, so they can better control it better. If this is not possible, check it periodically at the nearest health facility.
Limit foods that contain carbohydrates, and glucose, including rice, bread, noodles, and all foods that contain sugar. In this case it does not mean not allowed at all, but in a controlled amount.
Doing regular physical activity, if it is not possible to walk, do some movements in a chair or in bed to keep moving the body actively
If you are in the process of treatment, take medication regularly. If you have not received treatment, it is advisable to check with a specialist in, because it is likely to require treatment (both oral / oral medication and injections, according to the results of the examination and doctor's consideration)
Enough rest
Avoid stress

Injury cure. The wound you described may have been an infection process, making it difficult to heal on its own, because the process of forming new skin cells is hampered by an infection. Proper treatment is to use sterile equipment, replacing the bandage at least once a day, accompanied by debridement (cleaning, removal of tissue, etc.) if there are tissues that can interfere with skin growth. Therefore, it is recommended to be done by health workers (doctors, nurses, etc.).
Patience and discipline in the process of treatment and care of wounds. Handling this condition requires quite a long time, so the regularity of the patient's treatment, as well as support or support from the family in the process greatly affect the final outcome.

I advise you to check your grandmother with a specialist in internal medicine, so that a more complete examination can be made, and an appropriate treatment process is determined. This is very important, because untreated diabetes can cause diabetic legs, can also be at risk for other diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, decreased vision, etc.

You can also read other articles about how to treat diabetic wounds, at this link. Thus, hopefully it can help, and hopefully get well soon.

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