Fetal Development At 27 Weeks’ Gestation?

Illustration of Fetal Development At 27 Weeks’ Gestation?
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Hello, I have 27 weeks, but the fetus’s position is still centralized, even though I have had 2 examinations, and my stomach is not too big, is the fetus okay, or should I go to ultrasound …?

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Hai Long,

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Need to be clarified, when exactly the HPHT (first day of last menstruation) you? When was the last time you had an ultrasound examination to an obstetrician?

Determination of gestational age estimates can be done in many ways, including the calculation of HPHT, measurement of uterine fundus height (TFU), ultrasound, and so on. Among the many ways, ultrasound examination is considered the most accurate.

If it is true that your current gestational age is 27 weeks, normally the TFU is approaching the middle between the navel and the tip of the middle breastbone (xyphoideus process). The condition of your pregnancy which is smaller than the estimated gestational age can be caused by many of the following factors:

Erroneous measurement of gestational age TFU measurement error. Position of fetal latitude Oligohidramnion (slight amniotic fluid) Obstacles to fetal development in utero, etc. True, your condition needs to be confirmed immediately by ultrasound examination by an obstetrician. During pregnancy, you are advised to do at least 4 USG examinations, namely 1 time in the first trimester of pregnancy, 1 time in the second trimester of pregnancy, and 2 times in the third trimester of pregnancy. In this way, the potential for pregnancy disorders can be detected and treated early.

For now, it's best not to panic. Make sure you always consume healthy and nutritious food and drink, accompanied by regular consumption of pregnancy supplements according to the doctor's advice. Keep yourself away from things that can interfere with pregnancy, for example smoking, alcohol, and also taking any drugs.

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