Fetal Development At 4 Months Of Age?

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hello, I want to ask right now I am pregnant and 4 months of pregnancy but now I have a toothache that has cavities and growing flesh on my back teeth, does this toothache affect the development of the fetus? I want to go to the dentist but my colleague must consult with the Obgyn doctor first … please help, thank you

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Hello Faizatin, thank you for asking.

The first thing that must be straightened is, toothache arises due to cavities (caries), not vice versa. Caries causes the inside of the teeth to be exposed to bacteria and food scraps. This then causes infections in the teeth and cause pain and swelling. In addition, if caries occurs very deep and wide, infection can affect the pulp (pulpitis) and cause intense throbbing pain. Infection can also spread about the gums, causing gingivitis, gums become swollen, painful, and festering.

There is no meat that can grow on teeth. The meat-like structure that you see, is likely a granuloma tissue formed by infection.

Infection of the teeth and gums does not directly affect the condition of your fetus. However, if the infection spreads causing interference to your other organs, such as infection in the kidneys or heart, then of course it affects the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. Widespread infections can also cause fever that can affect the condition of your fetus.

You can consult with an Obgyn doctor first, but in general an Obgyn doctor will still refer to the dentist, because dental and oral health are not included in the OBGYN doctor's competence.

Or you can consult a dentist first and then consult an obgyn doctor. This is important because if the dentist recommends an action or prescribes a drug, as much as possible you consult it to the doctor obgyn. The obgyn doctor will assess whether the medication and the recommended actions from the dentist are safe.

You must keep your teeth and mouth clean by brushing your teeth the right way twice a day, use dental floss to clean between your teeth, and avoid sugary drinks. Do not scrape cavities with any tool because it can expand the infection.

Thus my explanation, hopefully it can be useful. Regards.

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