Fetal Growth At 3 Months?

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Hello, doc I want to consult, I am 20 years old now I am 3 months pregnant, but how come it doesn’t look like a lot of mothers say, how come you usually just like a belly that isn’t pregnant anymore … how come my stomach hasn’t changed, cmn the problem of nausea, vomiting and aroma I still feel sensitive, but I do not enter foods that are full of vitamins so now I am more into ice with spicy food because besides that I like to vomit and feel sick … I have been on ultrasound during 7 weeks of pregnancy and the doctor I asked for a repeat ultrasound when my fetus was 3 months ago but now I haven’t had an ultrasound … I just want to ask the doctor …

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Changes in the enlarged abdomen for pregnant women, often referred to as baby bump. This characteristic is different for each person, especially when they are still in the early trimester. Baby bump is greatly influenced by various factors. Mother's weight and height, exercise habits, and the growth of the baby itself.

Mothers who tend to be small or relatively low body weight from the start, changes in the stomach will not be so ketara. Likewise in mothers who previously were routinely exercising, especially in the abdominal area. His abdominal muscles will cover up the changes in his stomach, but this does not affect the growth of the fetus at all, and in the end, as the gestational age increases, the changes will certainly be noticeable.

The concern is indeed that the growth of the fetus is experiencing problems, but this cannot be ascertained only from the outside. You have to do an ultrasound examination to find out the condition of the baby in your womb. With ultrasound, the heart rate can be assessed, the development of the organs, and the size and length whether normal or not. If not on USG, there is no other way that can provide such detailed information. So we strongly encourage you to get an ultrasound immediately if it is already in its time, because if it turns out there is an abnormality, immediately detected through ultrasound, action can be taken immediately for the good of you and your fetus.

Meanwhile in the future, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy should not prevent you from consuming vitamins and nutritious foods. You can work around this by consuming smaller but frequent foods, consuming warm ginger water, or if it is not intolerable, consult your obstetrician for an anti-emetic medication. This is far better than sacrificing nutrition for your baby. So, hopefully answering your question.

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