Fetal Heart Rate That Has Not Been Detected?

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, I want to ask. Last I menstruated on October 21, ’18, thank God after checking the end of November NOV tested positive for pregnancy. On the 11th of December ’18 I checked the doctor’s fetal heart rate was detected, but on the 15th of January ’19 I went back to see the doctor, how come there was no heartbeat. Why? Does my fetus still allow growth and development? Explanation please. Thanks

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Hello Zackyah, thank you for asking.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You should clarify a little, what does it mean that there is no fetal heart rate is based on the results of the ultrasound does not show heart movement? Did the doctor say anything else about abnormal fetal growth? Seeing or hearing a fetal heartbeat can be done in several ways, namely:

Manual auscultation method using a special stethoscope. This method is safe and simple, but may be rather difficult depending on the quality of the equipment, examiner experience, fetal position, and so on.
Digital auscultation method using Doppler (using sound waves) and CTG / cardiotochography (principled monitoring tools such as ECG).
Monitor heart rate / heart pump work during ultrasound examination.

Normal fetal heart rate is around 110-150 or 120-160 beats per minute. If the fetal heart rate is below or above the normal value, it is said that the fetus is under stress. Fetal heart rate starts to be obtained in the 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, but generally the fetus is still too small to be heard and seen beats. Entering the age of 11-12 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heart rates are more likely to be heard or seen.

If at the time of examination there is no fetal heart rate, you do not need to worry first. Some possibilities that cause the fetal heartbeat to not be heard are:

Fetal position. Changes in fetal position sometimes prevent the heart rate from being seen on ultrasound.
Position of the uterus. The size of the uterus that continues to grow eventually causes a change in the position of the uterus. This sometimes makes it difficult to check.
Different types and types of tools used in the examination.
Possible miscarriage
The fetus does not develop or blighted ovum

You should control routinely according to your doctor's recommendations. The doctor will be able to assess whether there has been a change in fetal growth and development. Continue to consume vitamins or supplements as directed by your doctor, eat foods that are highly nutritious, and limit heavy activity and psychological stress. Hopefully this answer can calm you down a little. Regards.

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