Fetal Position When 30 Weeks Pregnant?

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, last week at 30 weeks of pregnancy I did an ultrasound, and the results were the head was down. But these 2 days I felt like baby kicks in my lower abdomen that made me ache as if I wanted to go back and forth to the toilet. And I feel less movement in the upper abdomen. Is there a possibility the baby’s head back up? Or can the position of the feet and head together in the lower abdomen ??

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The position of the fetus in the womb can change because in the womb of the baby's mother is in the amniotic sac filled with fluid so as to enable the baby to swim and change his position, especially when the fetus is still small in size. In general, at 8 months of gestation, the fetus begins to go to the position of birth ie the head is under. However, changes in position are still possible in the weeks leading up to delivery because there is still room to move. To ensure the position of the fetus can be done by examination at a doctor that is with a physical examination in the form of a Leopold examination and it would be better if supported by ultrasound and heart rate examination so as to better ensure the position of the fetus.

At the time of birth (9 months of gestation), the baby's head generally begins to enter the pelvis. This condition is experienced around the 38th week of primigravida (first pregnancy) and the 36th week of multigravida (second pregnancy and so on). This position generally survives until the delivery process. Some signs that can be felt by the mother are

- The position of the abdomen decreases and feels as if the fetus is increasingly under, this is a sign that he has entered the pelvis.
- Stronger contractions indicate that the fetal position is getting lower near the birth canal.
- cause back pain
- taste often want to urinate

Some things that can be done at home to trigger the baby in a position that is ready for birth is

- Mild exercise lifting the pelvis as high as 30 cm from the floor in a supine position with knees bent and feet flat. This mild exercise can be done for 10-15 minutes,
- Sound stimulation by giving music
- Relaxation in the mother, can be done to make it relaxed, calm, and focused by giving suggestions to the subconscious.

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