Fetal Sac Size At 5 Weeks Gestation?

Illustration of Fetal Sac Size At 5 Weeks Gestation?
Illustration: Fetal Sac Size At 5 Weeks Gestation? ultrasoundpaedia.com

Hello, I want to ask, when I checked with the doctor I was 5w and the size was only 7.2 and 4 days later I had spotting, what should I do so that my uterine sac grows normally and the spotting stops? r nThank you

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Hello Meyria,

When pregnant, the doctor will perform a pregnancy check, one of which is an ultrasound to assess the gestational sac (GS) and find out whether the fetus is visible. In general, the gestational sac size for 5-6 weeks is about 10-17 mm.

Have you consulted your doctor about the patches you feel? Blood spotting during pregnancy should be a sign of the following conditions:

Sign of a miscarriage
Blighted ovum: an empty pregnancy without an embryo, a sign that the gestational sac does not grow and there is no visible yolk sac or fetus
Grape pregnancy
Pregnant outside the womb
Irritation, inflammation, and infection of the vagina or cervix
Blood clotting disorders
Hormonal disorders
Post-related bleeding

I suggest that you go to the obstetrician again, considering that you experienced spotting during pregnancy. The doctor will do another examination to determine whether there is a threat of miscarriage or not or other problems and will provide the right treatment for you.

In the meantime you can do the following tips:

Routine control with an obstetrician once a month or whenever there are complaints
For the growth of the pregnancy bag, generally obstetricians have provided treatment or pregnancy supplements to support pregnancy, take supplements given by the obstetrician as recommended by the doctor.
Meet the needs of nutrition and fluids during pregnancy
Get enough rest
Try to stay calm and relaxed
Always think positively about your pregnancy
Avoid lifting heavy objects or walking and standing for too long

Hope it can help you,

Thank you

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