Fetal Weight At 3o Weeks Of Gestation?

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I want to ask about my 30th gestational age, fetal weight, when my ultrasound is 1.4kg, normal and I am not predicted the symptoms of preeclampsia due to high blood pressure and I am fat now, my weight is 91kg?

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I help answer your questions sequentially yes.

Based on the estimated fetal body weight table in Indonesia, the estimated fetal body weight at 30 weeks ranges from 1300 to 1460 grams, equivalent to 1.3 to 1.46 kg. If it is adjusted to this table, your estimated fetal weight is now normal according to predictions in force in Indonesia. Although it is appropriate, you still have to maintain your nutritional intake and keep your pregnancy in good condition so that growth remains optimal while in the womb, so that at the time when the fetus is born, growth is optimal in accordance with growth should be in accordance with the pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is a type of pregnancy disorder wherein there is an increase in blood pressure (diastolic blood pressure above 80) accompanied by protein content in the urine (urine) as evidenced by urine examination (minimum +1). This condition can indeed be predicted through several risk factors that can be found when conducting ANC (Antenatal Care) tests. These factors are:
Age of pregnancy> 40 years
First pregnancy
First pregnancy after changing husbands
A second or more pregnancy within 10 years or more of a first pregnancy
Have a history of preeclampsia in pregnancy before pregnancy at this time
There is a history of preeclampsia in the mother or female sibling
Contain twins
Suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure since before pregnancy, or kidney disease
Suffering from obesity since before pregnancy

If you have these risk factors accompanied by the discovery of high blood pressure on the examination and the results of a positive urine protein test, then as has been said that you are most likely to experience a condition called preeclampsia, where this condition if not properly controlled by an obstetrician , can cause a dangerous condition for both the mother and fetus in the womb. Therefore it is highly recommended that you always check your pregnancy in accordance with the time to an obstetrician to monitor both your own condition and monitor the condition of your fetus. If you feel a headache, vision becomes blurry, or pain in the gut, immediately go to the hospital emergency room to get treatment as soon as possible.

I hope this helps.

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