Illustration of Fever
Illustration: Fever

My brother’s doctor is an employee in the area of ​​Jatisampurna, now my brother often coughs dryly, feels dizzy like he can’t sneeze, but also tightness but my sister says if it’s because of wearing a mask, but if my brother’s lie will feel tight again . I was scraped off because I thought he was catching a cold. After that my brother took a bath and took medicine when I checked my brother’s body temperature 37.8c. And it turns out that in his office there are employees with suspect status. How do you dock because my sister thinks she is just an ordinary sick person, but at home my grandmother is sick too

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Conditions experienced by your sister with symptoms of fever, sore throat and there is positive contact with patients in food supervision should do further examination to the hospital to find out the causes experienced because it can be

corona virus infection
bacterial ingection

this should be done further assessment by a doctor and if needed laboratory examination and X-ray to be more able to direct. For now it must be done

avoid direct contact
differentiate cutlery
you should avoid contact, especially with people who are old or have a history of other diseases and are vulnerable
multiply foods with high nutrition
increase drinking
avoid stress

You should try to educate and give understanding to your sister. And can be considered to assess the risk from the following web.https: //www.HealthReplies.com/check- risk- infection-virus-corona-atau-covid-19

Thus information may be useful

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