Fever Accompanied By Aches In The Hands And Feet?

Illustration of Fever Accompanied By Aches In The Hands And Feet?
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I was full of activities from Thursday to Sunday at the campus, so on that Sunday I didn’t eat rice all day. In the morning, I only ate bread and milk, and came home late at night and didn’t eat rice. The next day I just ate rice, but instead of mules and on Tuesday, I felt feverish, I kept getting sore hands and feet, heavy eyes gt. What are the characteristics of pain? Fear of typhus 🙁 thank youii

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Fever is a condition that often occurs. actually fever is a response of the body to an inflammation or infection in the body.

from the situation you are experiencing, fever accompanied by body aches and a history of improper eating may be due to a gastrointestinal infection. Gastrointestinal infections or gastroententeritis can be caused due to various causes such as a viral infection or bacterial infection. Gastrointestinal infections are usually more common in people who eat random food or eat foods with poor hygiene. Gastrointestinal infections can cause various symptoms such as abdominal pain, fever, headache, weakness, decreased appetite.

Mild gastrointestinal infections usually go away on their own. You just drink water, avoid consuming green vegetables for a while, keep food hygiene, and eat at regular hours.

but besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

the influence of too tired typhus dengue fever dyspepsia, therefore, if your condition does not improve within 3-4 days then you should check yourself directly so that your doctor can check your condition directly. maybe later there will be additional tests such as blood tests, or ultrasound if necessary.

here's an article you can read about typhus

may be useful. thank you

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