Fever Accompanied By Back Eye Pain And Headache?

Regards doc. Recently I had a fever, shocked and so now I have not recovered. I also have eye pain in the back and headaches. I also have frequent nausea, back pain and joint pain. What is the reason doc? Thank you for answering.

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Hello Batrisyia, thank you for asking Allodokter.

Fever occurs when the body's condition reaches a temperature of more than 38 degrees Celsius, and is a sign that the body is fighting infection due to viruses, bacteria, or parasites, this means that the body is activating its body's defense system. Fever is not a disease but a symptom, which sometimes goes away without treatment, such as in a cold or flu. Whereas in a slightly more severe fever, it can be treated by consuming fever-reducing drugs that are sold freely at the pharmacy, the most important thing is to take fever-reducing drugs according to the recommended rules of use.

Other symptoms that accompany fever symptoms include: headache, muscle aches, cold sweat, chills, cough, joint and body aches, dehydration, nausea to death, weakness, and lack of appetite. Actually, the side effect of the body's defense system that works against infection is the production of chemical compounds that are produced by the body which functions to fight infection as well as having an impact on the body such as body aches, dizziness, weakness, and other complaints as you feel.

The causes of fever are mostly viral and bacterial infections such as flu, meningitis, typhus, urinary tract infections, and other infectious diseases, but can also occur in post-immunization events, diseases such as arthritis and hyperthyroidism, the influence of drugs. , or it could be due to the incidence of malignancy / cancer in the body.

Considering that the symptoms of fever are one of the signs of a cause that is occurring in the body, then what you should do is check with a general practitioner / internal medicine doctor so that an examination is carried out to find the exact cause of the fever symptoms you are experiencing, after which the appropriate medication can be given. with accompanying causes. If you want to do simple things to reduce the fever symptoms you feel, then you can do things like:

Drink 2L of room temperature water a day, in order to avoid dehydration which will worsen the fever you are complaining about. Use thin clothes and absorb sweat. Rest, by minimizing activity, your body temperature will not increase, so you can avoid an increase in body temperature when you have a fever. can start taking drugs, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol that are sold freely in the pharmacy, and should take them according to the recommended dosage and the rules of use. You also need to know the state of a fever that is emergency and requires emergency treatment in the hospital, with additional symptoms such as:

vomiting continuously appears reddish spots on the skin, stiff neck and eyes feel sensitive to light shortness of breath feels drowsy heavy drinking a lot but peeing a little That's all the information from us, hopefully useful. Thank you

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