Fever Accompanied By Cough With Phlegm And Sore Throat, Is It Corona?

Illustration of Fever Accompanied By Cough With Phlegm And Sore Throat, Is It Corona?
Illustration: Fever Accompanied By Cough With Phlegm And Sore Throat, Is It Corona? pics.drugstore.com

Hello, I want to ask, I have read the message from Dony Eka’s question on HealthReplies.com which was answered by Doctor Rio Gasa Handriyo. palya karaya, but indeed my condition was not vit due to busyness, woke up at dawn around 4-6 o’clock in the morning and slept around 12 o’clock at night until 2 o’clock in the morning, about 4 days continued, is this because my condition was indeed drop or please answer? I often experience this disease, with the spread of corona virus news, I am afraid and my status has just returned from Palangkaraya

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Hello Edi, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.
Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Responding to the problem you have given, Indonesia is currently in an uproar with the growing number of people infected with the corona virus itself. Transmission has been widely discussed in almost all media, namely through droplets or saliva splashes. Regarding the symptoms that you are experiencing there are several possibilities that could have happened:

 The condition of your body that is not fit causes you to be susceptible to viruses that are common in Indonesia such as the flu, and the common cold, which will heal itself with adequate rest, and to relieve symptoms you can take drugs such as paracetamol, antihistamines, and multivitamins only. Inflammation in specific organs, such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, or ARI, can be due to vairus or bacteria. In response to the possibility that you have been infected with corona, I cannot speculate on this matter, because it is true that you have been traveling through the airport, but exposure to other people who have been infected is difficult to determine. You don't need to worry too much about that. The corona virus is not as much as you might think, it is more dangerous if the infected person is> 50 years old, and has another chronic disease. The danger of this virus is that it spreads very fast, so it will be difficult to control.

Right now what you can do is:

 Do not panic. Get enough rest, and take care of your diet. Evaluate your complaints, watch for symptoms of high fever> 38'C, cough, and tightness, if you experience it you should come to the hospital. Use a mask for now because some other diseases are also easily transmitted to others. If you don't have a mask, you can use a handkerchief or other clean cloth. Reduce activity first. Avoid traveling to crowded places if you don't have special interests. At this time you can go to a general practitioner first to alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing. That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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