Fever Accompanied By Dizziness And Low Back Pain To The Back?

Illustration of Fever Accompanied By Dizziness And Low Back Pain To The Back?
Illustration: Fever Accompanied By Dizziness And Low Back Pain To The Back? healthline.com

Good afternoon, I am 33 years old … I want to ask, right now I have a fever, accompanied by chills … my head aches throbbing, even pain in my back to my waist..His headache started yesterday and today only aches at body .. what kind of pain am I experiencing … thank you

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Complaints of headaches, fevers, and body aches can show early symptoms of respiratory disorders such as early symptoms of flu or sore throat. In patients with initial symptoms that are still being felt within the first day or two, the initial complaint that often arises is in the form of complaints that the body feels uncomfortable, achy, stiff in the joints, fever, headaches and maybe appetite begins to decrease. This complaint can continue with the initial complaint of a cold or a cold, such as nasal congestion, runny or runny mucus that comes out of the nose, sneezing, or a runny nose.

Whereas in patients with early symptoms of inflammation of the throat, in addition to complaints of fever, headache, and pain or pain in parts of your body, these complaints can also be accompanied by complaints of feeling dry, swallowed, burning sensation in the throat, to complaints of coughing or nausea.

Early symptoms such as those that you feel can provide information to you, that your body is quite tired and your stamina begins to decrease, this can be triggered by your increased activity, physical fatigue, work that is piled up or lack of sleep, or can also be due to contracting from other patients who are sick with almost the same complaints. Therefore, it is important to start increasing the need for rest and consumption of nutritious foods during the recovery period. If you are still active and still exhausted, then your stamina is difficult to recover and this complaint will make you feel longer. In addition, several other businesses you can also do, such as:

 Enough water to help reduce fever Avoid oily foods, spicy foods, instant foods; consumption of fresh food with a balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat and vitamins in it. Avoid sleeping late at night You can bask in the morning in the morning sun for a few minutes If you work, then you can ask permission for your health recovery However, if in the next 1-2 days, these complaints increase, you should consider consulting with your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding the course of your complaint. Physical examination and supporting examinations can be planned to help determine the cause. Thus, the doctor can determine the possible cause of this complaint, whether it is due to the initial symptoms of flu or strep throat, or because of other medical conditions, such as typhus, dengue, digestive disorders / digestive infections or due to urinary tract infections. Care and treatment will be given according to the examination results obtained. Thus, the complaints that you feel are immediately controlled and your physical condition and stamina will get better, and you can move as usual.

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