Fever Accompanied By Flu And Swollen Eyelids After Waking Up?

Illustration of Fever Accompanied By Flu And Swollen Eyelids After Waking Up?
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today I have a fever I thought it was just a common cold because at first I only had a cold and when I was sleeping I woke up and my eyelids were swollen and they were purple and my eyes were watering. Is that a fever symptom and how do I treat it? Do I have to use eye drops?

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Need to be clarified, are you consuming certain medications or foods before your eyes finally swell?

Colds (flu) and fever often occur due to rhinitis, which is inflammation of the nasal cavity, which occurs mainly due to viral or bacterial infections. Not only colds and fever, rhinitis due to infection can also make sufferers experience a sensation of not feeling well, phlegm throat, coughing, muscle aches and joints, and various other complaints. This infection can spread from sufferers to other people through inhalation of mucus splashes from the respiratory tract, either due to direct or indirect contact.

In addition to infectious rhinitis, colds and fever can be made worse by allergies, vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps with secondary infections, or viral and bacterial infections in other organs. This condition is often harmless and can improve with rest and good endurance.

Inflammation of the nasal cavity that causes colds and fever can cause nasolacrimal ducts, the ducts that connect the tear glands to the nasal cavity, become blocked. As a result, the eye can also become inflamed. Frequently, this inflammation of the eye only feels as itchy, reddish, runny, and secretes abnormal discharge (rubbing). However, it is not impossible that the eyelids can also swell and bluish because of it.

Aside from spreading inflammation from the nasal cavity, it can also be swollen eyelids and watery eyes that you experience due to insect bites, blepharitis, hordeolum, conjunctivitis, uveitis, allergies, contact dermatitis, dacryoadenitis, preseptal cellulitis, ectropion, entropion, and so on.

Try to see yourself directly to the doctor or ophthalmologist so that it's clear what kind of treatment needs to be done so that your complaints improve. If necessary, the doctor will coordinate with an ENT specialist to provide the best treatment for your condition. For now, you can first do the following steps:

Compress swollen eyelids with warm water Raise your head during sleep Don't rub your eyes excessively Use artificial tears if your eyes feel uncomfortable Protect your eyes so you don't get in the dust or other irritants Avoid contact with substances that are prone to make you allergic Reduce consumption of food and cold drinks Keep keep your eyes clean, don't come into contact with excess cosmetics Drink more warm water Hopefully it helps, okay?

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