Fever Accompanied By Headaches Feels Gripping And Feels Floating?

Illustration of Fever Accompanied By Headaches Feels Gripping And Feels Floating?
Illustration: Fever Accompanied By Headaches Feels Gripping And Feels Floating? migrainepal.com

hello, I’m a 17-year-old man, 2 days ago exactly in the morning I have a high fever, cough and runny nose, which is very gripping, especially in the neck and around the shoulder also feels stiff and throbbing pain after I consulted the clinic I was given paracetamol 650 mg but the effect that I felt after taking the medicine was the heat went down about 2-3 hours after that it rose again temporarily for a dizzy grip there was no change at all the next day I went again to the clinic and consulted again about the obstacles there was no change, then I was given ciprofloxacin tablet type after that I drink and rest, after waking up the headache is somewhat reduced but changed to an effect such as floating or ngefly and when taken walking seemed to want to fall and the eyes became unstable in seeing I finally stopped taking medication, but the effect was still felt until now accompanied by a neck that is still stiff and sometimes when coughing and be how does the movement of the body position even add pain in some parts of the head, what I want to ask is actually the problem where because usually I use paracetamol to relieve headaches whether this has something to do with the central nervous system or is it possible that my age has something to do with the problem of hypertension and cholesterol ?

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Thank you for asking at Aolodokter.
There is a history of fever that you feel (17 years), accompanied by headaches, dizziness, coughing and now you have received treatment from a doctor, but the complaints you feel are still disturbing, then this condition may not be related to hypertension or cholesterol, because of your age who are still young (although it is likely to occur at a young age) and the doctor who performs the examination does not put emphasis on blood pressure and cololeol as the causes, and neither of these causes a high fever except in certain conditions. Therefore, for the possibility of cholesterol or hypertension it is necessary to make sure further along with or after the treatment of your current complaint.
There are complaints of coughing, fever, headache, or dizziness to drift, this condition may be triggered by strep throat which may be accompanied by your stamina which dropped due to your physical fatigue a few days earlier or contracted from other patients who were sick. In patients who experience fever and comorbid complaints that have not yet arrived and are felt uncharacteristically, this can be triggered by several things, such as:
1. During illness still active, so that the rest is not full for recovery
2. The physical condition of the previous fatigue has not fully recovered stamina and endurance, so it requires a longer time
3. Intake or intake of nutritious food is still not optimal to help recovery
4. Less drinking or unbalanced fluid requirements
5. Smoking still continues in patients who smoke
6. Medication is not taken regularly
7. Still consume foods or drinks that need to be avoided when sick according to doctor's advice, like maybe spicy, oily or instant foods
8. Suffer from other diseases or other infections that aggravate your current complaints, such as digestive infections, typhus, or bronchitis (infection or inflammation of the bronchi)
If indeed the feeling of feeling drift increasingly severe, especially after you get treatment or antibiotics, then you should stop first and immediately consult a doctor again or ask for a sexond opinion to another doctor or you consult an ENT.
The doctor will conduct an interview related to the course of this complaint until now that you feel, so that the doctor can evaluate the course of the disease. Furthermore, physical examination and supporting examinations can be planned such as blood tests or radiological examinations. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing care and treatment. Thus, it is hoped that these complaints will soon improve and recover soon, so you can move back.
For now, you need to try the following conditions like:
1. Avoid sleeping late
2. Take a break from all activities until you get well
3. Expand healthy and nutritious foods to help recovery
4. Enough water
Thus the info we can convey.

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