Fever Accompanied By Itching And Red Spots.?

Illustration of Fever Accompanied By Itching And Red Spots.?
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I was sick at around February 2019, where the dengue season was rife again. The first night I felt cold the next day at school I suddenly shivered with severe dizziness that if the road could fall. Then the fever went limp. Well, finally I just went home and didn’t go to school, I thought the fever was normal. Nosebleed also experienced. Then I was told to have a blood check and the results said I got DHF and typed at once. But my blood was taken when my fever went down. But I just went to the hospital afraid of knp2. At the hospital I was not weak or just like that, but at night in the hospital suddenly my body itched and appeared red spots like islands. but I also don’t feel sick or don’t hurt my back. But the doctor even said that itchy patches even like allergies. Is this really a symptom of DHF?

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Hello dinarfna, thank you for asking Aldokter

DHF or dengue hemorrhagic fever is a condition or disease characterized by fever due to dengue virus infection transmitted through mosquitoes. Gejaa caused by mosquito bites will usually occur 4-7 days after mosquito bites. The following symptoms can occur in dengue fever, namely:

High fever, usually can reach a temperature of 40 degrees sudden fever
Stomach ache
Nausea and vomiting
Limp body
Having bleeding, such as on the nose such as nosebleeds, gums, or under the skin, so it looks like a bruise, or a rash of red spots on the surface of the skin
Headaches that are severe, especially headaches that are felt behind the eyes
Body feels rheumatic, muscle aches
Skin rashes that usually appear 2-5 days after the first complaint of fever

But dengue hemorrhagic fever also needs to be distinguished from dengue fever. Dengue fever is a milder type of dengue infection, in dengue fever there is usually no manifestation of any bleeding and there is no plasm leak as in DHF. Also in patients with DB do not always appear all these symptoms. the symptoms that arise in each person can differ depending on their respective conditions.

Fever, weakness is a common complaint that can be found due to infection including DHF. Therefore to ensure that a physical examination needs to be done, it is usually confirmed also by laboratory blood tests. In DHF it is likely to find a decrease in platelet levels or speed up with thrombocytopenia. And if there is a leakage of hemoglobin plasma can increase and hematocrit can also increase. In this condition it is necessary to monitor blood tests to evaluate the level of platelets, hemoglobin, and hematocrit to prevent unwanted complications.

An itchy rash can be caused by a variety of possibilities including DHF. In dengue infection can also cause complaints of reddish rashes that usually arise on days 2 and 5 after the first dmeam. But the difference is usually a dengue infection rash also appears red spots which if the skin is stretched then the red spots will not disappear. On day 4 of fever usually symptoms of fever, abdominal pain, weakness, and headaches can disappear. But this phase is a critical phase, where the risk of bleeding and plasma leakage can occur. Therefore in this phase, stricter monitoring is needed. This can also explain why on day 3-6 fever usually the patient will feel his complaints improve. Because it's the way of dengue fever like that.

Red spots and itchy red spots can also be caused by other conditions including allergic reactions. Especially if you previously have a history of allergies. Allergic reactions can also be caused by other causes such as: dust allergies, temperatures such as cold, food, or allergic. If an allergic reaction is suspected, it should be known what triggers the allergic reaction. And avoid contact or exposure to these allergic substances. For example if you are suspected of having a drug allergy, the doctor will provide treatment and stop the administration of the drug to further replace the type of drug with another drug.

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